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The Wales Council of the Blind team is responsible for gathering and distributing information to the vision impairment sector throughout Wales.

We do this through this website, through our Roundup newsletter, social media, at our conferences and through various fora and working groups.

For more information or further enquiries please contact Richard Bowers at Wales Council of the Blind via or telephone 029 20 473954.

Recent reports and publications.

Welsh theatres need to improve their services for disabled customers

'Managing Better' - Three years of making a difference

Survey shows lack of awareness of the link between lifestyle and eye health

Advice on childrens' eye health

Welsh Government launch 'Action on Disability: The Right to Independent Living’ framework

IGA issues new standards for glaucoma patients

Retina UK publishes results of its Sight Loss Survey 2019

National Assembly report raises concerns about waiting list delays

'Managing Better' service building good relationships with key stakeholders

Report reveals the impact of welfare changes on disabled people

Glaucoma Treatment During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

New guide: Digital Inclusion for Health & Care in Wales

Parliamentary report recommends change to Disabled Student Allowance

Sensory health statistics for Wales published

Communicating with people with cerebral visual impairments (CVIs)

Retina UK reports on the challenges faced by working age people with degenerative sight loss

Information for adults with acquired nystagmus

Change 100 scheme - five year review produced

'Glaucoma in babies and children' - free guide from IGA

Advice on making natural heritage centres accessible to people with sight loss

'Messy and Muddy' - new guide to outdoor play from RNIB

Diversity in Local Government - National Assembly Report

The Story of National Eye Health Week (NEHW) 2018

How to make your museum more accessible to vi families and young people

Tips on producing an audio descriptive guide for museums and galleries

New guide for employers from RNIB

Society has little understanding of life for people with sight loss - New report from Guide Dogs

Disability Rights UK publishes guide to higher education

Research study confirms the benefits of Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLOs)

Norrie Disease Information Leaflet

Survey results show GP surgeries have low awareness of 'It Makes Sense' campaign

Second issue of Strive now available

Diabetic Eye Screening Wales publishes Annual Statistical Report 2017-18

Can I tell you about Nystagmus?: A guide for friends, family and professionals

Retinoblastoma Information for children & young people

'Easing into Nature with Sight Impairment'

NHS Wales produces final report on the Accessible Information Standard

Wales Vision Strategy 2018 - 2021 launched

'Making Nature Accessible' - Guide from British Blind Sport

Results of study on transition experiences of young vision impaired people published

Guide Dogs publish strategy for 2018-2023

'Is Wales Fairer?' - Report from EHRC Wales

'Music is a Vibration' toolkit from Sense

Your rights to accessible and adaptable housing in Wales

New patient standards to increase support for eye clinic patients

Swansea University report considers use of digital technology by people with sight loss in Wales

'Claiming Disability Living Allowance for Children' - Updated guide from Contact

CHECT publishes Impact Report 2015-18

UK Government responds to consultation on the accessibility of elections

Independent, confident, connected - new report from Scope on disabled people's lives

'Dealing with bullying ' guide from Contact

UK Government launches Inclusive Transport Strategy

Eye care for people with learning disabilities

'Unpacking Diversity' - report looks at barriers to standing as candidate for Welsh Assembly

Holidays, play & leisure guide for parents of disabled children

'Matching income with needs' - New research from TPT

Housing and disabled people: Wales's hidden crisis

Personal Independence Payment - a guide to making a claim

Disability Wales reports on access to taxis

Sight Loss, Home and the Built Environment

New guide for higher education professionals

New lighting guide from Thomas Pocklington Trust

Accessing Public Services Toolkit

Registering as sight impaired

Inaccessible gym equipment is a barrier to fitness for vi people

NICE issues new clinical guidance for Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Report recommends new model of care for Wales

'Missing Voices' project produces report on findings

Guide to juvenile macular dystrophies

'Time to catch up' - report on TV access services

New Accessible Information Standard for NHS Wales launched

IGA advice on delayed glaucoma appointments

VocalEyes report reveals that only 25% of UK theatres provide AD performances

Nystagmus Information Pack launched on Wobbly Wednesday

Employment guides from Sense

Report suggests number of children with vision impairment is rising

Resources for teachers of vi students

New research on transition of vi young people to adulthood

Wales Eye Care Stats 2016-2017 released

Review of Health & Social Care in Wales - Interim report published

Housing guide for people with sight loss

Practical Guidance reports from Pocklington

Guide for GP surgeries should improve accessibilty for patients with sensory loss

'Get up and go' booklet aims to prevent falls

'Making sense of dance' - new resource from Sense

Importance of eye tests for people with dementia highlighted

Commons Committee reports on disability and the built environment

Welsh Pathway for Children & Young People with Vision Impairment launched

High levels of anxiety in patients receiving wet AMD treatment

'Being disabled in Britain - a journey less equal'

'Working with blind & partially sighted colleagues' - RNIB Guide

'Filling the gap where patients used to fall": Report on the impact of ECLOs

Disability Wales presents report on disability rights to UN committee

Eye health awareness in the black and minority ethnic communities in Wales

Report claims that UK is failing on disability rights

RNIB Scotland updates 'Sight loss and dementia' leaflet

Review of opthalmology services published

Report highlights the additional costs which vision impaired pensioners face

Vision 2020's Dementia factsheets updated

New guides for Welsh social services professionals and housing providers

European Blind Union produces Clear Print Guidelines

Patients' experience of eye care in Wales - survey results published

Sight loss, dementia and meaningful activity

'Small Changes, Big Difference' - making sport more accessible for vi women

The State of the Nation - Eye Health 2016

How Accessible is Access to Work in Wales?

RNIB publishes latest evidence-based reviews

Wobbly eyes booklet

Assistive & Inclusive Home Technology Guide from Pocklington Trust

10 principles of good practice in vision rehabilitation

Parents guide to vision impairment from RNIB

Report calls for more funding for research into AMD

Management of glaucoma patients in care homes: new research

Booklet raises awareness of eye health issues

'My Voice 2015' - views and experiences of blind and partially sighted people in the UK

Eye care is a public health priority in Wales

UK Government report on disabled spectators and sporting event accessibility

Tips for disabled travellers from the Equality & Human Rights Commission

It All Adds Up

Sensory Loss: Know your healthcare rights

Latest eye care statistics for Wales released

Living with sight loss - new report raises concerns

Welsh NHS still not meeting communication needs of people with sensory loss

Wales Vision Strategy for 2014-2018 launched

New research makes the case for increased funding in the eye care sector

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