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Your photos wanted for RNIB Cymru 'See differently' exhibition

RNIB Cymru is holding an exhibition in collaboration with Ffotogallery to raise awareness of the ways that blind and partially sighted people see differently and smash the stereotype that they can’t do visual activities, like photography.

The time has come to submit any photographs that you have taken and would like to see displayed as part of the exhibition which begins on 30th September. The gallery will be taking over a central Cardiff shop for Ffotogallery’s Diffusion Festival so it is a wonderful chance for you to see your work on the walls!

To submit your photographs, you can either email them to Ffion Lewis, RNIB Cymru's Communications Manager at, or transfer them via WeTransfer, Google Drive or Dropbox. The higher the quality of the pictures, the larger they can be printed - the ideal resolution would be 2500px at 300dpi.

The deadline for submitting your photos is 17th September.

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