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Diabetic Eye Screening Wales - (NHS Wales)Service

This is a free service established for all eligible people registered with diabetes in Wales to reduce the risk of vision loss due to diabetic retinopathy. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you will be referred by your GP and should receive an invitation to attend screening within 3 months of being placed on the DESW register.
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Eye Health Examination Wales - (NHS Wales)Service

If you reside in Wales, most optometrists can also offer a free eye test if: you have an eye problem that needs urgent attention; you have sight in one eye only; you’re registered as sight impaired; you have a hearing impairment and are profoundly deaf; you suffer from retinitis pigmentosa; you are of Black or Asian ethnicity; your GP has referred you because they think you may have an eye problem.
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Health in Wales - ()Service

The gateway to information about health and health services in Wales. The information the NHS provides will be presented to help you make decisions that matter to you and to understand what is happening in relation to your own health and to health care more generally.
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HealthUnlocked - ()Service

HealthUnlocked offers you the ability to learn about your health and to connect with other patients and healthcare professionals. At the heart of HealthUnlocked is your profile that allows you to communicate, and manage your health.
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Local Health Boards (Wales) - (NHS Wales)Service

Webpage with links to the Local Health Boards in Wales.
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UK Care Pathway for RP - (Retina UK)Service

An on-line resource giving information about the care of retinitis pigmentosa. There are sections for patients, parents, family & friends, teachers, employers and health professionals.
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