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Blind in Business employment support - (Blind in Business)Service

Blind in Business provide a range of services aimed at providing visually impaired graduates into employment. These include assistance with applications, practice interview sessions, advice on job hunting and help with networking.
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Children, Families and Young People Service - (RNIB Cymru)Service

Advice and support on education and social activities for blind and partially-sighted children and their families.
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Employment Support Service - (RNIB Cymru)Service

Help with looking for work or helping you to stay in work for people with sight loss.
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Money Advice Service for disabled people - (Money Advice Service)Service

An online resource dedicated to supporting people who become ill or disabled. The site offers a range of practical tips and free impartial advice to help people better understand their money matters when faced with a life-changing event such as a long-term health condition or disability.
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RNIB Tax Advice Service - (RNIB)Service

RNIB runs this service with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), to support blind & partially sighted people with tax and benefit issues. RNIB will make tax and HMRC issues clearer and check people are getting the benefits, concessions and tax allowances they are entitled to, and to help them to use HMRC's online services.
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RNIB Transitions - (RNIB Cymru)Service

Help for young people moving from school to college.
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