The Rowan Organisation

Description: The Rowan Organisation is a Direct Payment and Personal Budget support organisation. They provide a range of independent living support services, and are committed to the empowerment of disabled people by supporting them to overcome the barriers, both physical and attitudinal, which prevent them from achieving their objectives, or which limit their choice and prevent them from being in control of their own lives.


Tel: 0845 608 8048


Category: Third/voluntary Sector

Services Provided

Direct payment & personal budget support - (The Rowan Organisation)Service

The Rowan Organisation provides information and support in all aspects relating to Direct Payments and Personal Budgets to people in specific local authorities in Wales & England.
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The Rowan Organisation Direct Payments - (The Rowan Organisation)Service

The Rowan Organisation provides a wide range of support services created to help you manage your Direct Payments. This can include: supporting you to decide whether to employ a Personal Assistant (PA) or to use other services; support with setting up the scheme; support with paperwork required by the scheme; support with finding and recruiting staff; providing you with information and advice on the legal requirements of being an employer.
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