Visual Impairment Merthyr (VIM)

Description: VIM is the registered charity which promotes and provides services and help for all visually impaired residents throughout the county borough of Merthyr Tydfil and surrounding areas.


Tel: 01685 722135


Category: Third/voluntary Sector

Services Provided

Peer support - (Visual Impairment Merthyr (VIM))Service

VIM provides peer support to people with sight loss in Merthyr at their meetings.
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Telephone befriending (VIM) - (Visual Impairment Merthyr (VIM))Service

VIM provides a telephone befriending service to its members.
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VIM Meetings - (Visual Impairment Merthyr (VIM))Service

VIM arranges meetings for its members with talks from experts and representatives of other relevant services.
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Living with Sight Loss courses (Merthyr) - (Visual Impairment Merthyr (VIM))Service

This programme offers a range of interactive discussion sessions with professional facilitators, with time to focus and discuss the things that you find difficult about sight loss. As well as learning about helpful products, services and support, this is also an opportunity to reflect on taking positive steps forward to improve and enjoy life. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with people in a similar situation to share experiences.
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VI awareness training - (Visual Impairment Merthyr (VIM))Service

VIM provide vi awareness training to families and organisations.
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Home visits - (Visual Impairment Merthyr (VIM))Service

VIM makes home visits to members, particularly to assist people who have been recently diagnosed to adjust to their situation.
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VIM Resource Centre - (Visual Impairment Merthyr (VIM))Service

Sensory impairment aids for everyday living such as mobile phones, talking clocks and watches, fully equipped kitchen demonstrating various aids, CCTVS etc. There are also demonstration facilities for other disabilities eg Tunstall equipment.
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VIM Newsletter - (Visual Impairment Merthyr (VIM))Service

Quarterly newsletter giving information to residents of Merthyr County on activities for people with sight loss. Available in large print, audio CD and email.
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