Ceredigion Association for the Blind

Description: Provides services for blind and partially sighted people in Ceredigion.

Weblink: http://www.wcb-ccd.org.uk/ceredigion/about.htm

Tel: 02920 473954

Email: bec@wcb-ccd.org.uk

Category: Third/voluntary Sector

Services Provided

Grants from Ceredigion Association - (Ceredigion Association for the Blind)Service

Ceredigion Association provide some grants to visually impaired people. To be eligible you must have serious and uncorrectable visual impairments, and have been referred to the Association by the Rehabilitation Officer in Ceredigion Social Services.
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Telephone Support - (Ceredigion Association for the Blind)Service

Blind and partially sighted people who live alone or in isolated areas get a friendly call on a regular basis from volunteers who are themselves blind or partially sighted. Callers can also pick up any needs which may arise. They may be able to provide relevant information or can refer cases to social services.
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