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Macular Degeneration Glossary Term

Loss of central vision due to damage to the macular. Most common in older people (AMD) but can occur in younger people.
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Macular hole Glossary Term

A small hole in the macular - different from macular degeration. Causes problems such as straight lines appearing wavy.
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Marfan syndrome Glossary Term

A disorder of the connective tissue which can affect the eyes.
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Microphthalmia Glossary Term

Microphthalmia literally means small eye. Children may be born with one or both eyes, small and underdeveloped. Some children may be blind, but others may have some residual sight or light perception.
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Monocular vision Glossary Term

Blinding or removal of one eye due to accident, injury or disease.
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Myopia (high degree) Glossary Term

A chronic, degenerative condition which can create problems because of its association with degenerative changes at the back of the eye.
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