Stargardt's disease

Definition: Causes some of the cells on the macula to stop working leading to problems with central vision, detailed vision and sometimes with colour perception.

Category: Eye Condition

Credit: RNIB


Services specifically catering for people with Stargardt's disease

Macular Society Advice and Information Line - (Macular Society)Service

Being diagnosed with macular disease can leave you and your family feeling isolated and uncertain about the future. But, there is no need to face macular disease alone; the Macular Society specialist helpline team provide free information, guidance and advice to anyone affected by central vision loss whether it's you, a friend or a family member.
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Macular Society Befriending - (Macular Society)Service

It is not unusual for some people with macular disease to feel isolated, especially if it's difficult to get out and about. However, there is no need to feel alone - MS telephone befrienders can provide a regular friendly phone call, which may help to rebuild confidence and independence. Their telephone befriending service may be especially helpful if you cannot get to one of their support group meetings, but would like to talk to someone who has experience of macular disease.
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Macular Society buddies - (Macular Society)Service

The Macular Society can put you in touch with a Treatment Buddy who has already had treatment, for information and reassurance. If you are experiencing visual hallucinations (Charles Bonnet Syndrome) due to sight loss there is a buddy service where you can talk to someone who has also experienced visual hallucinations for information and reassurance.
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Macular Society local support groups - (Macular Society)Service

The Macular Society has local self-help support groups across the UK. The groups vary in size and style but all offer invaluable practical and emotional support to people with macular disease from people with macular disease. Click the link below and enter your postcode to find the group near you.
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