Definition: A person is deafblind if they have a combined sight and hearing impairment that causes difficulties with communication, access to information and mobility.

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Services specifically catering for people with Deafblindness

Deafblind UK Employability Support - (Deafblind UK)Service

Support to develop your employability skills.
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Deafblind UK Supported Living - (Deafblind UK)Service

Our supported living accommodation is expertly designed to provide people with combined sight and hearing loss, who may have additional complex needs, with a safe and secure environment to live independently within the wider community.
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Deablind UK Empowering Support - (Deafblind UK)Service

Our empowering support service helps you to resolve any practical issues that you might have or to get back on your feet after a setback. We can help you to access health and social care, apply for welfare and benefits, research and access local services, understand housing options, investigate leisure and transport options, connect with opportunities to make new friends or try new activities or to find help to fix a problem in the home. This is free, one to one support.
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Deafblind UK Care and Support - (Deafblind UK)Service

Our specially trained support workers can visit you at home and work with you to do whatever you want. This might be helping you with post and paying bills, or it might be helping you get to your appointments, to the bank or support with shopping, to help make sure you don’t miss out on any information. They will also support you to carry on with your hobbies, making sure sight and hearing loss doesn’t stop you from doing what you love.
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Deafblind UK Holidays - (Deafblind UK)Service

We all need a break sometimes, but we know that for some, staying away from home is not that easy. Our two self catering caravans in Prestatyn and Hopton-on-Sea, Norfolk provide a home from home break at heavily discounted rates.
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Deafblind UK Information and advice - (Deafblind UK)Service

Whether you have lived with sight and hearing loss for a while or it is new to you, Deafblindness can be difficult to understand. The information at this site will help you to understand deafblindness and how to make the most of life with sight and hearing loss.
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Deafblind UK Befriending service - (Deafblind UK)Service

Our befrienders are here to talk, laugh and build lasting friendships with. Living with deafblindness can be lonely and you might find yourself feeling increasingly isolated. That’s why we offer a free befriending service where you can have some regular company from a friendly volunteer, either by phone, text message or email.
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Deafblind UK Technology Support - (Deafblind UK)Service

Our technology support service teaches you to make the most of technology to help you be as independent as possible. From magnification to voice recognition, we can show you how to make the most of the gadgets you’ve already got or how to use specialist accessibility software.
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Deafblind UK Helpline - (Deafblind UK)Service

Telephone (0800 number) and text (0790 number) advice and information for Deafblind people.
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Social Groups - (Deafblind UK)Service

Deafblind Cymru's peer support & social groups provide those with both sight and hearing impairments plus their carers an opportunity to meet people and make friends. At regular meetings, all members are encouraged to get involved in the decision making process to determine what activities the group should do, often including social outings and arranging meetings to enjoy guest speakers on subjects of interest.
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Deafblind UK Crafts - (Deafblind UK)Service

Crafts group for deafblind people - meets between 2-4pm on the first Tuesday in the month at Hafan Deg, Grange Rd, Rhyl.
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Deafblind Social Group - Wrexham - (Deafblind UK)Service

Meets on the second Thursday of the month at 10.30-12.30. Venue: AVOW, 21, Egerton Street, Wrexham.
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Deafblind UK Wellbeing and Emotional Support - (Deafblind UK)Service

Our wellbeing and emotional support service can help you through particularly difficult times. You can contact our trained staff and volunteers who are non-judgemental and experienced in helping people who are deafblind. We can contact you at regular times throughout the year to see how you’re doing and to offer any advice or support that you might need. We can also send you Christmas and birthday cards and put you in touch with other people who are in a similar position to you.
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Deafblind UK - Conwy Group - (Deafblind UK)Service

Meets on the last Friday of the month from 11 am to 1 pm at the Ambassador Hotel, Llandudno.
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Deafblind UK - Rhyl - (Deafblind UK)Service

Support group for deafblind people. Meets on the third Tuesday in the month between 2 and 4pm at Hafan Deg, Grange Road, Rhyl.
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Sight Life Dual Sensory Support Group - (Sight Life)Service

The club meets at Jones Court, Womanby Street, Cardiff on the 3rd Friday of every month fron 10.30am - 12.30pm. Anyone with a sight and hearing impairment are welcome. Volunteers will be on hand to assist if need be.
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Deafblind support - (Sense Cymru)Service

Specialist one-to-one support for deafblind people through both communicator guides and intervenors, and outreach support to children, families and deafblind adults in their own homes
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