Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

Definition: DLA is a weekly payment to help with the extra costs caused by a disability. It is paid at different rates depending on how much help you need because of your disability or terminal illness. You may need a medical assessment to work out what you need. You can apply for DLA whether or not you work and it's for children or adults.

Category: Benefits/concessions

Credit: UK Government

Source: https://www.gov.uk/dla-disability-living-allowance-benefit

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Nystagmus Network helpline - (Nystagmus Network)Service

The helpline can answer questions on what it's like to have nystagmus, on treatment and research, on DLA, on education and employment, on driving and discrimination, in fact anything you can think of related to nystagmus, whether congenital (early onset) or acquired (late onset). Or you can just phone for a chat with someone else who has nystagmus.
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